Free Online Yoga Resources 


Practice balancing & restoring your mind, body and spirit with this guided meditation using frequencies from the healing scales of Solfeggio Harmonics, binaural beats and pure tones to help raise the vibration of you and your surroundings. 

Here is the recorded meditation, good for grounding and balancing yourself and your day. All you have to do is listen and experience the healing benefits of meditation.  


If you can't come into the studio or join Mary for Gentle Yoga Community classes, you can still improve your practice with free online yoga videos from Mary'sTherapies. 


These videos are designed with the beginner in mind. You can use either a chair or space on the floor. We recommend doing these sequences about 3 times a week.

Just remember, have fun with it and only do as much as you can handle. 

Basic gentle yoga class with a few standing poses to help with balance and stability. Please enjoy, Namaste!