Therapy Appointment Hours

Find an open slot in our schedule. Here are our usual times. There's an additional $10 fee for scheduling times outside of our regular hours—contact us to coordinate a time that works for you.

Buffy's Hours

Sun:  10am-5pm

Mon:  10am-5pm

Wed:  3pm-7pm

Mary's Hours

Tues:  11:30am-6:30pm

Wed:  10am-2:30pm

Thurs:  12pm-6pm

Fri:  11am-6pm

Sat:  10am-2pm

Please Note: The last session for each therapists' hours ends at the last time listed.


Office Hours

We're available between appointments (times listed above) to answer your phone calls. Please call ahead if you want to drop by.

For additional appointments to discuss your therapy outside of these hours, there's an additional charge.