Mary'sTherapies On-the-Go!

For an additional $25, you'll get our therapies in your San Diego home and office.

Don't forget that Mary and her therapists will meet you for free on Ocean Beach—and other San Diego beach locations are available for $25 to cover setup, breakdown, and travel.

For groups, individuals, parties, and assorted events at your San Diego location of choice, we offer:

  • Chair Massage

  • Space Clearing (design consultation, Feng Shui, and energy clearing)

  • Yoga Instruction (Invite as many friends as your space permits. Customized poses and pranayama for your group!)

  • Chakra-Tuned Crystal & Copper Singing Bowl Concert (Invite as many friend as your space permits. You can also pair with guided visualizations for your group.)

Individual Beach Sessions may include:

  • Guided Visualization & Meditation
  • Singing Bowl Vibrational Healing
  • Personal Yoga Instruction
  • Reflexology
  • Pranayama
  • Nidra
  • Reiki

We're here to customize your session with our many therapies.

Contact us about any questions you have :)

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